Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadan In Islamabad

Returned to Islamabad today on a flight from Skardu. Up until this morning we were sure we would have to drive the Karakoram Highway, a thirty five hour trip. But luck was on our side and Chris, Fabrizio and I all managed to get tickets on the flight. There is only one a day and that's if the weather allows it, so they tend to get very backed up with passengers.

Ramadan (Ramazan, Ramzan etc.) has begun. This holiest month of Islam is marked by the holiest day of the year commemorating the day Mohammed received his revelations from God. It occurs towards the end of the month. During Ramadan the observant fast during the day and refrain from smoking or anything along those lines in order to learn patience, humility and to be more in touch with the plight of the poor among their community. In the evening the eating commences, very welcome after these long hot days. Lucky for us we don't have to observe the daytime fast, but I feel sorry for anyone working i a kitchen while trying to refrain from eating.

Here are a few randomly selected pictures from the trip:
The view of K2 from the confluence of the Godwin-Austen Glacier and the Savoia Galcier.

Another view of K2 from the slopes of Broad Peak. Taken by Fabrizio Zangrilli.

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